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Fantastic Transcription Services

  • We transcribe from any source, audio, video, or digital
  • We specialize in business, financial, and technical terminology
  • All transcripts proofread for accuracy in a three-pass system
  • Low volume and hard-to-hear tapes a specialty
  • Legal and medical transcriptionists on staff

Flexibility is the key to our transcription services. Every one of our clients has different needs and requirements.

A few our clients still send us audio tapes. Some send us CDs, particularly in the legal field. Others have us capture WEBEX teleconferences and YouTube videos from the Internet.

We transcribe from any source, audio, video or digital media (with few exceptions). Whatever you need transcribed, we'll figure out a way to do it.

We also handle a wide variety of material. We transcribe patient interviews as part of the FDA approval process for pharmaceutical research companies. We do transcripts of speeches and interviews for many local businesses and publications. We transcribe and certify legal transcripts for court appeals. We have the technical staff available to transcribe medical and high-tech conferences.

What don't we do? Doctor's notes. There are hundreds and medical transcription companies that do doctor's notes. We specialize in all of the categories other traditional transcription companies do not.

We are also driven to produce a quality product. When we started Fantastic Transcripts, we knew we had to be different to make a name for ourselves. We saw that other transcription companies only did single-pass transcripts. None of them performed proofreading or editing passes.

So we developed a two-pass system that has a manager, editor or a second transcriptionist go over the work of the first transcriptionist to fill in any inaudibles that were not understood and make any corrections that was missed typed. We also take additional time to check the spelling of names, companies and locations. Because of all this, our in-house testing indicates that our transcripts are 90% more accurate than transcripts done in a single-pass process that most companies use.

Additionally, the manager who sends out the transcript also has the responsibility to do a spot check for a final time to fix formatting and any obvious errors that were mised.

Our drive to produce accurate transcripts as well as our ability to be flexible makes Fantastic Transcripts one of the best in the field. Every day seems to bring a new challenge and we remain flexible to stay up to the task.

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"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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