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Fantastic Teleconferences Services

  • Transcripts e-mailed back in a snap
  • Our rates are $150-$210 per hour of audio

Now you can have transcripts of your teleconferences without having to pay teleconference company rates from Fantastic Transcripts.

Just include us as one of the participants in your conference call. We will record the teleconference in our offices and we will start transcribing as soon as the  teleconference is finished.

We can also send you a digital copy of the call so you can have it to reference or to put it on your Website.

Our rates are $30 per hour. The average transcription cost of an hour teleconference is $150 unproofed or $210 proofed. Compare our price to the $250-$400 teleconference companies charge for a transcript.

Our prices also include proofreading which eliminates 90% of inaudibles and misunderstood words that other companies leave in. And the cost may be higher if there is a lot of people talking over each other.

For more information or an estimate, contact us at phone number or the addresses below:



"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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