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Fantastic Transcription Rates

  • Regular 2-Pass Transcription (proofed) - about $240 per audio hour
  • Rough Draft Business Transcription - about $180 per audio hour
  • Legal and Medical Transcription - about $280 per audio hour
  • Audio/Video transfered to CD/DVD - $30 per hour of audio
  • Audio Encoding and/or Reprocessing - $30 per hour of material/per hour worked


Our transcription rates are $30 per hour worked on regular material and $35 per hour worked on legal and medical material.

The number of hours required to do a job depends on the clarity of the material, the number of speakers, and the amount of specialized terminology used.

We offer three quality levels of transcription.

Standard Service - Two Pass

With our standard service, an hour's worth of non-technical, non-medical audio takes about 8 hours of work time to process, transcribe and proofread with a cost of approximately $240. Technical or medical material will cost approximately $280 per hour of audio.

Broadcast-quality material takes less time to transcribe because it's easier to hear. Hard-to-hear material and focus groups take longer to transcribe. For example, focus groups may take 10-14 hours to transcribe if people excitedly talk over each other, and it's more difficult to identity speakers.

Our standard service includes our two-pass quality system where once a transcriptionist has transcribed the material, a supervisor or proofreader will compare the audio with the transcripts and correct any inaccuracies and fill in any inaudibles the first transcriptionist missed.

Typically, our accuracy rate on broadcast-quality material is 99.6%-99.8%, and 98.5%-99.5% on average quality material. Harder-to-hear material will result in lower accuracy levels and a higher number of inaudibles. Turnaround time is typically 1-2 business days for 1 hour of material and within a week for larger projects.

Rough-Draft Service - One Pass

For clients who need their transcripts quickly or do not need a high level of accuracy, we offer a one-pass, unproofread rough-draft service comparable to the quality that other companies offer. This kind of transcription works best with clear audio where the transcript will be used by people looking for quotes or excerpts, or where an editor is using it to cut audio or video tape. On such audio, our accuracy rate is usually 98%-99% and less for harder-to-hear audio.

At this level of service, an hour's worth of audio takes about 6 hours of time to complete with a resulting charge of approximately $180 for regular material and $240 for technical/medical/legal. This is also our fastest service, with most 1-hour transcripts returned by the next business day, if received before noon Eastern Time.

Forensic Service - Difficult-to-Hear Material

We also offer a forensic service for difficult-to-hear audio where we will do 3rd, 4th and 5th passes on transcripts to get as much dialogue as humanly possible. Quite often we will use extreme digital processing, frequency filtering, volume expansion and other methods to transcribe wiretaps, hidden microphone and other recordings where the audio is particularly difficult to hear or where a higher level of accuracy is needed.

The final cost depends on how long we spend working on a project at $30 per hour worked or what your budget is.

Please keep in mind that forensic transcription can be very time-consuming and may not produce satisfactory results for extremely poor sound if you are looking for 100% accuracy. However, we will work with you every step of the way to transcribe as much dialogue as humanly possible.


Fantastic Transcripts can digitize and encode your audio into any number of formats to download over the Web, stream over intranets, or play back from CDs and DVDs.

Our most requested service is digitizing cassette tapes into audio files and cleaning them up to reduce tape hiss and increase highs. But we can also transfer phonograph records to CDs, convert Real Audio files to MP3s, and remaster material for mass distribution.

Our prices for digitizing and encoding are some of the lowest on the Web. The cost for simple audio and video encoding is $30 per hour of material. Editing and reprocessing will incur additional fees.


We use digital audio processing as part of our forensic transcription to get as much dialogue as possible. We also offer digital processing as a stand-alone service based on our audio experience. We can digitally boost low volume recordings, eliminate electrical hums, reduce hiss, equalize voices and reduce echoes and background noises.

We can deliver the restored audio on CDs and DVDs, cassettes, or as WAVs, MP3s or Windows Media files either e-mailed back to you or sent back on a disk.

Please keep in mind that bad audio cannot be made perfect. Our goal is to try to turn a flawed recording into something that is understandable and usable, or something good enough to be able to transcribe.

The cost is $30 per hour of our time. Call or e-mail us for details. There is no charge for audio we cannot improve.

Fantastic Services and Rates

Regular Transcription and Manuscript Typing $30 per hour worked*
Proofreading, Copy Editing and Publication Design $30 per hour worked
Medical, Legal and Technical Transcription $35 per hour worked*
Web Site Design and Internet Consulting $30 per hour
Digital Audio Editing and Forensic Restoration $30 per hour
Audio or Video Encoding $30 per hour of audio/video

*Transcription takes about 8 hours to transcribe and proofread


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