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Case Studies

Business Schools Use Transcripts for Compiling Case Studies

Business schools compiling case studies to teach students different business scenarios use Fantastic Transcripts to transcribe the hours of interviews they conduct into text so they can condense the captured information down to easily teachable case studies.

Pharmaceutical companies use Transcripts to document symptoms and side effects

As part of the process to gain FDA approval for new drugs, pharmaceutical companies use Fantastic Transcripts to transcribe interviews with patients and use the transcripts to extract the symptoms of various diseases and the side effects of medications to deal with them. These transcripts also form part of the FDA documentation for drug approval.

Insurance Companies use Fantastic Transcripts in their Fraud Investigations

Car drivers sometimes fraudulently submit claims for accidents, and insurance companies use Fantastic Transcripts to transcibe witness interviews in their investigations to approve or deny claims. Those transcripts are often forwarded to law enforcement officials to pursue criminal complaints.

Meetings and Conferences document their proceedings with transcripts

Many companies transcribe their meetings and conferences to share what was discussed with people who could not be there. They also post transcripts to their websites to make the material available as well as searchable to the public at large.

Transcripts Still Have the advantage over multimedia files.

Although it is easy to post audio and video files to the Internet, the content of those files are not searchable other than the titles of those files. Transcripts are completely searchable by Internet search engines making the content easily found.

Human Generated Transcripts Still Superior to Machine Transcription

Despite advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine transcription, human generated transcripts are still superior in quality. Machine transcription claims 91% accuracy, but only by using broadcast-quality, perfectly clear audio. In actuality, the missing 9% is often composed of keywords that make entire sentences make sense.

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