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Gone Virtual

After 19 years in beautiful downtown Boston, the last five of those years in lovely Winthrop Square, Fantran has gone virtual. Quite frankly, we hated to leave our offices, but it was getting quite lonely and expensive in the Financial District.

Our former manager Jean is semi-retired and works from Florida while our current manager Matt moved to North Carolina and works from there. All of our transcriptionists and proofreaders work from home and our collection of computers and transcribers were going unused. And we no longer had clients dropping by since audio and transcripts can be easily transfered over the Internet.

Although we loved looking down at the statue of Robert Burns (it's a long story why Burns is there instead of John Winthrop), we had to move. In any event, we have gone virtual.

Everyone Well during COVID

Fantran had no interruption of work during the two-plus years of COVID lockdowns. Some of our clients actually found it easier to find people to interview and increased the number of their transcripts. We have been lucky to keep our people working in these times. But some of us have lost relatives and we pass our condolences to those who have.

Direct line to Susan Gellerman

Since the transcription business today is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week business, Fantran has gone cellular. We have changed our business phone number to a direct line to Susan's cell phone at 781-234-5545. This means Fantran can be reached in a variety of ways. Obviously, you can reach us by phone, but now by text as well as good old email. But use our address. We do not check our old AOL email account very often.

We Are Still in Business

Apparently, some "helpful" person decided to notify Yelp that Fantran was no longer in business. We suspect it might have been one of our competitors noticing that our Winthrop Square offices were closed. But we are still in business and we have been busy during COVID. The only thing that has changed is we have gone virtual and have left our very expensive downtown Boston office space.

Google Problems

We are currently dealing with some problems with our Google listing. Honestly, we have been so busy, we had not noticed that Google crossed our information with an online pharmacy site. Rest assured, the problem is not with our Website. No one has hacked our website. It's entirely Google's problem and Google makes it difficult to contact someone there. But we will get it fixed.

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