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Fantastic Transcripts Offering Video Captioning Services

Fantran has always offered transcription of TV Shows and video, such as those we did for WGBH's Nova and American Experience programs, but now we are able to offer video captioning based on the SMPTE-TT or Timed Text format for video streaming over the Web.

The FCC is requiring all TV shows that were broadcast over FCC-licensed stations to be captioned starting September 30, 2013 when streamed or distributed over the Internet.

Captions are placed in an XML document along with time code information and this is batched in a container file along with the video and audio. When a video player plays the container file, the audio, video and captions all stream simultaneously. It's a better replacement for SMIL, which we found often went out of sync.

Right now, we're offering transcription and simple SMPTE-TT captioning for $250 per video hour. If you already have a transcript of the show, we can create captions from it for only $60 per hour-long show.

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Enhanced Legal Transcription

We have been told over and over that getting legal transcripts of trials is a lengthy, time-consuming problem as court reporters are backed up, sometimes as long as an entire year.

That is why we are re-introducing our legal transcription services. We can turn around most legal transcripts in a week, depending on the length of the trial, and without the per word or per page pricing games that also adds extra fees like printing charges.

And we will certify your transcript at no additional charge.

For Fantastic Transcripts to transcribe your legal proceeding, you must ask the court clerk for a copy of the recordings. Most of the time, the recording is digital and you will get a CD (or CDs) of your audio.

You can send us the recordings by US Mail or upload them to us (f they're in a standard audio format), and we will start work on them immediately. In most cases, you can have a legal transcript within a week. That's a lot shorter than most court reporters will take.


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