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Fantastic Focus Groups

  • Focus group transcription a specialty
  • All transcripts proofread for accuracy.
  • Approximate cost is $240-$300 per hour of audio.

If you ask the average transcription company to transcribe a focus group, get ready to hear a burst of swearing from the other end of the phone.

Transcripts of focus groups tend to have 50% to 100% more material to them than other audio material. Where the average hour-long transcript might have 8,000 words, a focus group could have as many as 16,000 words!

People in focus groups tend to talk over each other, sometimes three or four at a time, in excited and enthusiastic voices, and the sound quality is usually not the best because having a group of people such as shuffling papers, coughing, shifting their chairs, and so on adds a lot of noise in the room.

Even the clearest sounding focus group tapes represent a challenge, but we're ready for it. Where other transcription companies refuse to transcribe focus groups tapes, we will.

Each hour of focus group audio translates into approximately eight to 10 hours of work at $30 per hour, resulting in an approximate cost of $240 to $300 per hour of material.

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