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Endicott Puppy Pics


Endicott is a proud, working Boston Terrier who was born on April 4, 2001. He comes to work at Fantastic Transcripts every day and helps as best he can.

07/11/01 - 5 pm

Endicott loves greeting people, especially children.

07/13/01 - 9:45 am

On his way into work, Endicott gets to meet all sorts of nice people who stop to talk to him.

07/13/01 - 1 pm

Ralston Purina promoted their new pet food Beneful on the Common. Here Endicott is trying some of the food. He seems to like it.

07/13/01 - 9:40 am

Here's Endicott with his leash and his toy Boston Terrier.

07/16/01 - 9:30 am

Endicott can't lift his heavy briefcase, so we help carry it into work for him.

07/16/01 - 5:30 pm

When travelling into and out of work, Endicott is tucked away discretely in his traveling bag.

07/17/01 - 9:30 am

He likes to greet Will, the Metro distributor.

07/20/01 - 9:30 am

Endicott likes to take a morning stroll through some nearby grass, and sometimes he just likes to lay down in the sun.




"You guys are awesome."
Bill breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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