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Fantastic Audio Video Encoding

  • Convert your Analog Audio and Video to DVDs and CDs
  • Straight Transfer of Video or Audio Rate: $25 per hour of material
  • Editing or Special Processing Available
  • Put your Audio or Video on the Internet

Now you can convert all of your analog audio and video to the digital format of your choice - CDs, DVDs, Windows Media, WAV/AVI or MPEG/MP3 formats.

Send us your material and Fantastic Transcripts will quickly and professionally digitize it and send it back to you on CDs, DVDs or uploaded through the Internet.

We accept analog recordings on audiocassettes, videocassettes or phonograph records and we'll convert it for you for only $25 per hour of audio or video.

Just tell us what digital format you need it in, and we will handle the rest. Some common formats are: MP3, Windows Media, DVD or CD-Audio.

Not only is digitizing your audio and video the best way to archive your material, but it lowers your costs of distribution and storage. For example, the typical 1tb computer hard drive costing $100 can hold 400 hours of DVD-quality video and 2,000 hours of uncompressed CD-quality audio.

If you need your material to be edited or remastered, those additional services are available at $25 per hour worked. For example, we can diminish line hums and tape hiss in audio recordings and change the contrast and hue in video.

In addition, we can convert any material, analog or digital, to one or several Web formats, so you can make it available to the world!

Whatever your project, just contact us and we will let you know if we can handle it.



"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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