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Fantastic Internet Transcription Services

  • Leader in business and technical transcription
  • Transcripts from any Internet audio source: .MP3, .RM, .WMV, .SWF, .MOV, WebEx, etc.
  • All transcripts proofread and double-checked for accuracy
  • All audio enhanced through analog and digital equipment
  • $210 per audio hour regular, $245 per hour medical/technical

We are the leader in transcribing technical, business, financial and high-tech audio into text, formatted documents or Web pages.

We can transcribe from any audio source sent to us or on the Internet, including Real Audio files, Windows Media files, MP3 files, .WAV files and from CD-ROMs. Tells us where to download your audio or send it to us on a CD-ROM, and we will deliver your transcript back quickly and efficiently.

We transcribe from formats other companies will not.

Our transcripts are better because we use amplifiers and equalizers to improve the audio we transcribe. We also train our transcriptionists in the latest terminology, and we employ dedicated proofreaders who listen to the audio in a "second pass" to fill in anything our transcriptionists miss.

Then our managers visually check over every transcript in a "third pass" before sending it out to our clients.

This ensures a consistent, professional, and exceptional product every time

Our transcription rates are $150/$210 per hour of typing, proofreading and administrative time for regular material and $175/$245 per hour for legal and medical material.

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"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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