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Fantastic Conference Transcription

  • Conference transcription a specialty
  • All transcripts proofread for accuracy.
  • Our rates are $150-$210 per hour of audio.   

If you have ever used a medical or legal transcription company to transcribe a technical, financial or scientific conference, you know why finding a company that specializes in these fields are important.

Most transcription companies do not know their ASPs from their ISPs, their WAPs from their WANs, or their LANs from their SANs.

These and many other terms can all sound the same to transcriptionists who have never heard of these words before.

When you receive your transcript back from one of these companies, it's all but worthless. Sure it might be 98% accurate by word count, but if it is missing 2% of the important words, then it's all but meaningless.

At Fantastic Transcripts, we specialize in business, technical, financial and scientific transcription.

We work with you to insure our transcripts are as accurate as possible.

We guarantee that we will beat the quality of the transcripts you are receiving now.

Our system of doing a second pass on our transcripts means that we correct 90% of errors other companies leave in their transcripts.

We also scan through professional magazines and business and scientific Websites to keep up on the constantly evolving terms entering the English language.

We also scour the Internet for research on the subject of your conference and pull together lists of the spellings of the names of speakers as well as their companies and products.

Because we have more than 20 people working for us, no job is too large for us to handle.

We usually start sending back proofread transcripts as soon as the next day, and we keep the transcripts flowing until the job is finished. If you are posting the transcripts to your Web site or having them printed, you can begin work immediately instead of having to wait until the job is completed.

Because we specialize in difficult terminology, we usually transcribe most jobs at our regular $30 an hour rate. We only charge our $35 an hour rate when the terminology is moderate-to-heavy technical or medical.

The cost for a one-hour transcript is approximately $150 unproofed and $210 for our two-pass system, depending upon the audio quality of the material. Harder-to-hear audio  take longer to transcribe.

For more information or an estimate, contact us at phone number or the addresses below.


"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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