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Fantastic Medical Conference Transcription

  • Speedy, accurate medical conference transcripts
  • Our rates are $34 per hour of work
  • An hour-long transcript typically costs $221
  • We accept credit cards or advance payments only

While other companies specialize in everyday medical transcription, Fantastic Transcripts specializes in a field they do not: medical conference transcription.

We take tapes of medical lectures or medical conferences, usually concerning state-of-the-art cutting-edge or experimental treatments and therapies that have not made it into the reference books yet, and turn them into manuscript quality transcripts for training materials or for publication.

For the accuracy of our transcripts, we require all handouts, course syllabus, copies of slides, and any other material used during the lecture or conference.

Our rates are $34 per hour. We do not charge by the line, word or page. The typical one-hour presentation costs approximately $221 to transcribe.

We guarantee a high level of accuracy since we have registered nurses and professional medical transcriptionists on staff who handle our transcription.

We also use proofreaders to go over each transcript on a "second pass" that eliminates most inaudibles and clears up any misheard words and phrases. We also use the Internet to search for the correct spellings of drugs and conditions.

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"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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