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Fantastic Legal Transcription

  • Speedy, accurate legal transcripts
  • Our rates are $34 per hour of work
  • An hour-long transcript typically costs $238-$272
  • We accept credit cards or advance payments only
  • All legal transcripts certified

If you have been told by a court reporter that you will have to wait a month, several months, half a year or longer for a transcript of your an important trial, deposition or hearing to be transcribed, you need Fantastic Transcripts.

We can turnaround your transcript usually in a week, and sometimes in just a few days.

Court proceedings are public records and you are allowed access to recordings of your case. All you need to do is contact the clerk of the court you were heard in and make arrangements to obtain a copy of that hearing either on tape or CD. Send the audio to Fantastic Transcripts and we will transcribe it and e-mail you a PDF of the transcript as quickly as possible.

We will also certify your transcript for no additional charge. Certification describes to the court how the audio was submitted to us, on what medium, in what condition, and what we did to transcribe the audio. We attest to the accuracy of the transcript and any problems we had in hearing the audio.

We guarantee a high level of accuracy since we use a two-pass system where after a transcriptionist has transcribed the audio, a transcription manager re-listens to the audio and goes over the transcript word by word. This "second pass" eliminates most inaudibles and clears up any misheard words and phrases.

Our rates are $34 per hour of time worked. We do not charge by the page, line or the word. This insures that we do our best rather than trying to crank out as many pages as we can. Also, most court reporters do not do a second pass as we do.

We can provide an accurate estimate of how much time the transcript will take and how much it will cost once we hear the audio. Our typical charge, based on average audio quality is usually around $272 per hour of audio. Actual cost depends on the audio quality of the tapes or CDs.

We can transcribe in any legal format you require. Different areas of the country and different courts have slightly different formats. Enclose a sample of the kind of format the court requires and we will duplicate that. Otherwise we will transcribe in our standard legal format.

We require a valid credit card number to charge the work to at the time of completion. We will also accept a bank cheque as advance payment with the material. We will not release any transcripts without payment. We do not accept purchase orders, and we do not invoice due to the trouble we have had in collecting from people in the past.

For more information or an estimate, contact us at the e-mail address, phone number or mailing address below:



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