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When we started Fantastic Transcripts, we wanted to do things differently than other transcription companies did. One of the ways we did this was to develop a system that would provide more accurate transcripts than than the industry standard of 98%.

The typical transcription company assigns audio to a transcriptionist. The transcriptionist types it up in four-to-five hours, and the supervisor gives it to the client. If the audio is clear and the transcriptionist is good, the client gets back a decent transcript of about 98% accuracy. If the audio quality is bad and/or the transcriptionist "is having a bad day," the client gets back a poor transcript of lower than 98%. The quality of the transcript you receive may depend upon "the luck of the draw."

At Fantastic Transcripts, we want every transcript we do to be fantastic. So we pioneered a two-pass system where a transcriptionist first transcribes the material, and then a supervisor or proofreader takes the audio, and the transcript, and goes over it word-by-word while listening to the material and comparing what was typed with what should have been typed.

Our two-pass system clears up more than 90% of inaudibles and inaccuracies that a one-pass system generates. The process adds about two additional hours to the cost, but results in exceptional transcripts when compared to one-pass transcripts.

Nearly all of our clients were unhappy with the quality of the transcripts they were getting from other transcription companies which is why they came to us. Let us show you what we can do for you.



"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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