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Business and Technical Transcription

Fantastic Transcripts specializes in business, academic, technical and high-tech transcription, unlike other companies that specialize in only medical or legal.

We do this to fill an important niche in the field of transcription.

The average medical or legal transcriptionist is totally unfamiliar with the terms and expressions used in business and high-tech. Companies that have used traditional transcription companies have found their resulting transcripts virtually unreadable as key terms, company names and other expressions are misheard or left out entirely.

At Fantastic Transcripts, we have over 14 years experience recognizing and transcribing specialized terms. We make extensive use of the Internet and Google to check our work

And when we complete a transcript, we go onto the Internet to find correct spellings and research any terms we are not familiar with.

No other company does the training or goes to the lengths that we do to have our transcripts be as accurate as possible.



"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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