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To upload files to us, we recommend YouSendIt.com.

When you go to YouSendIt.com you will see a form on the left side of the home page. Just fill it out.

YouSendIt Form

In the "To:" box, fill in our e-mail address: fantran@aol.com. In the "From:" box, put in your e-mail address. In the "Subject" and "Message" boxes fill in some information about the file, such as who you are, the names of the participants, whether it's part of a certain project, etc.

We're often receiving files from several clients at the same time, so be sure to write something in the message area that will allow us to identify the file.

In the "Select a File" area, click "Browse" and find the file you want to send us on your hard drive. Please keep your file size under 50 mbm which is the limit for YouSendIt.com's free service.

Upload only one file at a time. You can only upload multiple files with the paid version. Or you can use WinZip, which is built into Windows, to collect multiple files into a Zip container file.

Once you have added the file, don't click on any of the boxes below it. If you do, YouSendIt.com will ask you to set up a paid account. So you can skip this section and just click on "Send It." You will then be asked to set up an account with your name, e-mail address and ID. Again, don't click on any of the pay options. Also, keep the window open until the file is completed uploaded.

And that's it. We will receive an e-mail from YouSendIt.com in a few moments giving us a secret link where we can download your file. The link and your file are never publicly accessible and is deleted in seven days.

If you have trouble with YouSendIt.com, you can also try TransferBigFiles.com or Verzend.be.


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