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Fantastic MP3/WMA Audio Encoding

  • Put your Meetings and Conferences Online
  • Mastering & Encoding Rate: $75 per hour of audio

Now you can put your meetings and conferences on the Internet with professional audio remastering and digital encoding from Fantastic Transcripts.

Just send us an audio recording of your event on cassette or videocassette. We will equalize the audio for the Internet, digitize it, and encode it into the MP3 or WMA audio format.

We can send you back the digitized audio via e-mail (depending on size), directly upload the file to your Web site, or burn it to a CD-ROM or audio CD.

We feature three recommended levels of quality encoding:

Conference Quality is a very highly compressed, low Internet bandwidth format with AM radio quality sound.

Media Quality is FM quality sound with medium compression and medium bandwidth requirements for 28.8k, 33.6k and 56k modems.

Production Quality is high quality, stereo sound which is great for music, productions and multi-media presentations distributed over an intranet or for CD-ROM.

Our rate for converting audio tape into digitized files is $75 per hour of audio. This rate includes copying, digitizing, editing, equalizing, compressing and encoding.

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