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Fantastic DVD Encoding

  • Transfer your video tapes to Video CDs
  • VCDs never wear out, 100-year life expectancy
  • Stream MPEG-1 video over your corporate intranet
  • We transfer VHS, Betamax and DVD formats
  • Video Encoding Rate: $75 per hour of video

Do you want your video tape library to join the digital age?

Or do you have videos you would like to stream across your company's intranet? or through the Internet

We can transfer up to two hours of video tape and save it as a DVD or as a WMV, MPG or AVI file.

DVDs are universal and our region-free DVDs can play on nearly any computer or DVD player worldwide. Disc manufacturers promise that recordable DVDs will last at least 20 years and possibly as many as 100 years with proper storage, versus video tape that can deteriorate with time and is rapidly becoming obsolete.

The video files can also be stored to a computer hard drive and streamed over your corporate intranet using Windows Media Player, Winamp or your player of choice. You no longer need any equipment to play back a video, since they can be played back on any PC on the network.

Just send us your video on VHS, Betamax, DVD or as digital files (no DV tapes) and we will convert it to your format of choice.

Our rate is $25 per hour for conversion of video. Other services, such as editing and enhancement, are extra. We offer discounts for volume jobs.

For more information or an estimate, e-mail us at the numbers and addresses below:



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