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Fantastic Audio CD Encoding

  • Put your audio on a CD
  • Playable on any computer or CD player
  • Mastering & Encoding Rate: $25 per hour of audio

Now you can put your meetings, conferences or any audio material on a recordable CD with professional audio remastering and digital encoding from Fantastic Transcripts.

Just send us an audio recording of your event on cassette or videocassette. We will equalize the audio, digitize it, and encode it into an Audio CD.

Audio CDs hold 74 minutes of audio are playable on nearly every computer with a CD/DVD-ROM drive as well as nearly all consumer CD/DVD players.

You can use CDs instead of tapes for archiving meetings, or distribute Audio CDs for training and educational purposes. Since most computers have CD-ROM drives and speakers, they can be played in the home or office.

Our rate for converting audio tape into audio CDs is $25 per hour of audio. This rate includes copying, digitizing, editing, equalizing, compressing and encoding.

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