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  • We can restore bad audio
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As part of our work with hard-to-hear audio, we have developed a number of ways to improve the intelligibility of material you may have, such as filtering out annoying echoes, hums, buzzes and whines, raise the volume on low-volume sound and generally restore your audio to a listenable condition.

If you have a micro, a full-size cassette tape, a CD or a USB drive that you need its audio restored, send it to us at the address below for a free evaluation. Also enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope or FedEx account number so we can return it to you.

There is no charge for an evaluation, and only the FBI can do a better job than we can.

What we have found is that we can virtually eliminate specific noise sources, such as a low frequency buzz or high-frequency whine, or make them less noticeable.

Low volume material is somewhat of a challenge, especially when voices slip below the actual volume of background noise or tape hiss. We can reduce the background noise and hiss by at least half, but the voices may be so distant, even that noise reduction might not be enough. But this is why we offer the no obligation, free evaluation.



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Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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